37 Weeks

image    Almost 37 Weeks!

Nothing covers the belly at this point! Wearing pajama pants and Dusty’s shirt…good thing I have no where to go. Measures 45 1/2″ around!!! Only gained 40 pounds though! I am hoping it will be a little easier to lose the weight this time since I didn’t gain nearly as much as I did with the girls!

image  Running out of room!                        image Things are so rough!

imageFoot shot…so cute to see all the little toes!


I went to the Phx doctor yesterday. Everything is looking good and I have been given the okay for delivering at any point. I will be 37 weeks tomorrow! The boys are 6 lb 7 oz and 6 lb 4 oz. If nothing happens before Monday, which is the scheduled cesarean, I am sure they will be a little bigger than that.  The ultrasound weights are just an estimate and could be off a little bit. The tech said that they are squished but there is still enough fluid for them to grow even more! They aren’t slowing down either…still moving around like crazy. We can see the hair on their heads and the rolls of fat! We also saw the lungs working and the hearts beating. They have also been having the hiccups much more often these days. These two are going to be just fine! :)

As for me, I am very ready! I don’t know how I possibly made it this far but I did and now that I know its safe for them to be born they can come any day and I’ll be ready. I don’t think there is any part of my body that isn’t sore…I can feel baby in my ribs and down kicking my bladder at the same time! I haven’t been able to eat a lot either, small portions is all I can handle.  I have been having a really hard time sleeping the past two nights. I have cramping when I lay down. I ended up sleeping propped up half of the night last night. The dr said it could be a sign that they are getting ready to come but I have a feeling they are just going to wait it out. I guess we will just have to wait and see. At any rate we know they will be here by this time next week!


34/35 Weeks

image image

Audrey was the photographer. (On my phone…which makes it blurry!)


34/35 Weeks


Everything is going very well still. The boys are growing and are now 4 lb 11 oz and 5 lb 1 oz. By the end it is estimated they will be close to 6 1/2 lbs each. They are still moving around and heart rates sound good.

Obviously I am tired, sore, and up every couple of hours in the night. All in preparation for when these two join our family! My feet and legs are starting to swell a little by the end of the day but the doctor said its normal for this stage. This is my last week of teaching so I will be able to rest more and get more prepared for the arrival.

We are scheduled for a cesarean on January 6th. This means only three more weeks! Even though I would rather not have a cesarean it sounds like it is the best and safest option. I have to start going to the doctor every week at this point. I go to my Cttwd doctor Friday and then will have to travel to Phx one more time the week after Christmas. At that point it will be one more week and then we will meet the twins!




28 Weeks


28 Weeks!

At 28 weeks things are still looking good! We had an appointment in Phoenix on Friday, Nov. 1st. The doctor said if he were to write up a script he couldn’t write a better one than us! The boys are growing at a great rate, the fluid around the babies is equal, and there is no sign of twin-twin transfusion. At this point the percentage of twin-twin transfusion happening is only 3-4%… and he said this is very unlikely.

The boys are now 2 lb 9 oz and 2 lb 12 oz! They almost gained a pound each since my last appointment. I will not have another appointment until Nov. 18th and it will be in Cottonwood. I am sure they will both be in the 3 lb range at that point. We have to hang in there for at least another 8 weeks, preferably 10 weeks, so that the boys can be delivered in Cottonwood, healthy and ready to go home. :)

They are moving around like crazy now…but of course when I am trying to sleep at night is when they are the most active! I am at the point of rolling out of bed and the bathroom trips can be a little out of hand! But, other than that and being exhausted 99% of the time, things are good and I am both excited and anxious for them to arrive. I still am having a hard time imagining life with two new babies at the same time! I am sure things will be crazy for awhile but it will all be worth it! :)

The boys room is looking great! Thank you Vicki for all of your hard work and time creating all the wonderful pieces of bedding, including changing table covers and sheets! The Lil Monster Buddies are adorable! :) The pics below show you some of the new things that have been completed. I am waiting to wash and put clothes, etc. away until it gets a little closer. I figure towards the beginning of December we will do all of these things. We did wash the car seats however and have them ready to go. :)



image  image Changing Table

imageimage  image image Lil Monster Buddies and Pillows

imageimage A view of each crib and the wall art

24 Weeks

image    24 WEEKS!


Well, we made it to 24 Weeks! You can see that my small pooch has definitely expanded! I actually found out that the risk goes down at 28 weeks so we have about 4 more weeks, but neither one of my doctors seem concerned. They both feel that everything is going really well and the babies are doing great!  When I went to my doctor in Cottonwood he said that if I can make it to 36 weeks, which is the day after Christmas, that I can deliver in Cottonwood instead of having to drive down to Phoenix. He actually thinks that I will make it to 37 or 38 weeks!!! Everything is going really good. I am of course still exhausted! It’s getting a little harder to sleep at night; and besides the usual bathroom trips I have also had a cold/cough this week that has been waking me up. It has been a long week!!! I am looking forward to the 4 day weekend coming up! :)

The teachers at the school will be having a baby shower for us on Oct. 18th and my family will be having a baby shower on Nov. 24th! I am so grateful to have such great family and friends who will welcome these boys into our lives! It’s so exciting to share this experience with so many people. After the showers I plan on washing clothes, organizing,  and getting everything else ready for the boys. They will be here before we know it!!!

image image



The boys just continue to grow! At  my last appointment the boys were 1 lb 5 oz and 1 lb 8 oz! They are right on schedule for growth. Every time we go they gain weight and look more and more like our boys!The doctor said if I make it to 37/38 weeks that they will each be around 6 1/2 to 7 lbs!!! I was thinking that they would be smaller than that considering my girls were only 7 lb 3 oz, but I am just hoping for two healthy boys!



Vicki has been very busy getting all of the bedding for the nursery done. She started with the curtains and then moved on to the crib skirts and bumpers. I found some cheap bumpers at Savers and she took off all of the old material and recovered them! They are so cute! After those were done she had the daunting task of creating and quilting the comforters. They turned out so adorable! I love the colors we picked out and everything turned out so much better than anything store bought and they are even personalized! One quilt has a K for Kaden and the other has a M for Mason. It will be something that they can keep and cherish. She has spent so many hours on doing this for us… she is so talented!

I don’t have it pictured here yet cause I am not done with it but I found white baskets at Hobby Lobby for the changing table shelves and I will put a ribbon with the Chevron pattern, which is the sheet and back of the comforter pattern, around the tops so it coordinates with everything else. Vicki will also be making some changing table covers out of the materials we picked for the bedding. Oh…and wall hangings with little monsters! I will post both of those when they are finished.

image image image image image


20 Weeks


20 weeks!

We went to the specialist in Phoenix on Wednesday, Sept. 4th and had a very detailed ultrasound. The boys were facing each other, as if sitting on a couch, and were kicking each other almost the entire time! The ultrasound tech definitely had her work cut out for her…it took her awhile to get some of the measurements. But, the babies are both growing at consistent rates and everything is looking good. One of the boys is 11 oz. and the other is 12 oz, which they said was average for a singleton, and we have twins! So…I will continue to do what I am doing and I’m sure they will just continue to grow and grow. There is no sign of twin transfusion and we are halfway through the biggest risk period. Once we hit 24 weeks the risk goes down. They think that we probably won’t see any at this point but they never know so I will continue to receive ultrasounds every two weeks, as well as a cervix check every two weeks as well.

We are starting to get the room ready and Vicki has been working on the bedding, etc. for the room. Once it is completed I will take some pictures and post for everyone to see. I’m excited to see it all put together!!!

I have been tired and a little sore; and it’s a little  hard to move around already! But other than that I am feeling good…no nausea and the headaches aren’t as bad as they were at the beginning of the pregnancy. I can feel the babies moving around, but they aren’t quite big enough or strong enough for the girls to feel them yet. Overall I would have to say that things are going very well. :)

18 Weeks

image image image image


18 Weeks! For me…that’s halfway there! I went to the doctor in Cottonwood today and everything is looking good. The boys are growing and everything is right on track. My placenta is low but the doctor said it should move up as I get a little further along. All the blood work came back looking really good too. The boys were so cute! They were laying face to face this time…no squishing involved! I will be going to Phoenix on Sept. 4th for another ultrasound. After that my doctor and I will decide where to go next since the current doctor in Phoenix can’t take patients now. It has been quite a run around and am looking forward to some definite answers as to where I will be seen for the remainder of my pregnancy as well as for the delivery.

As for me…I am still soooo exhausted! I don’t remember being this tired in the second trimester with the other two pregnancies but I am older and it is twins so I guess it’s normal. I am making it through the day at school though and try to go to bed earlier than normal just to make sure I am getting enough sleep. I started to feel some little movements this week and am sure they are the boys. There were a couple that were really strong that Dusty was able to feel too. I am excited for the girls to get to feel them but it doesn’t seem to be quite strong enough for them to notice. I really don’t notice it throughout the day either, it’s usually when I am resting and quiet towards the evening. My belly is definitely growing…I think its past the look of just extra gained weight to pregnant belly. :) It is getting harder to bend down already! I told Audrey she might have the job of doing my toenails for me! I don’t know who is going to shave my legs?!? LOL

We went to the fabric store this weekend and picked the fabric to make the bedding, etc. with. I am excited to see it started and to get the room ready. I know it’s extremely early but it is too fun to wait! I have been slacking on diaper purchasing…I need to get back to doing that! I am going to plan a trip to Savers down in the Phoenix area at some point too to look for some of the baby  items we will need. I am also contemplating the feeding situation! I can’t imagine nursing two with my past experiences with the girls but I think I will play it by ear and not let it get the best of me. Whatever happens to work out the best is what we will do!

Anyway, things are good and moving along!

Back to School


School has begun! I can’t believe I have a 5th grader and a 1st grader!!! They are growing up so fast. They both had a wonderful first day of school. Audrey has Mrs. Howe as her teacher and I think she is going to enjoy her year. She always does so well that I generally don’t need to worry about it too much. Leah is in my class this year. She did a great job these first couple days of class so I think it will be a fun year! She also does very well in school so I know she will be just fine. I am lucky to have such smart and beautiful girls!

16 weeks



Almost half way there! The time has gone by surprisingly fast. The boys will be here before we know it!

I went to my doctor in Cottonwood on Monday, August 5th. We were able to confirm that they are indeed boys. Both are doing very well and seem to be growing at the same rate. There is only about a .08% difference in size between them. I was told on Monday that I would only see my Cottonwood doctor one more time and then would need to start going to Phoenix. However, I received a call from the doctor in Phx and they won’t do a transfer of care so I will continue to see my doctor but will go down periodically for ultrasounds in Phx. I am actually glad that I will not have to drive down there every two weeks! My next appointment in Cottonwood is on Aug. 19th and my next appointment in Phoenix is on Sept. 4th. More information to come…

I have been feeling pretty good. I am actually about 16 and a half weeks now. The picture above was taken around 15 and a half weeks. I am feeling very tired still and can’t overdo it. I tried cleaning the house and then afterwards could barely move! So…my doctor said no more of that! I am having to get used to not being able to do everything that I want to do. I am not someone who generally sits around so it is difficult but I’m sure I will adjust. I am already having to get up during the night to go to the bathroom and my growing belly is definitely starting to get in the way. I am able to fit into some of my pre-maternity clothes still but am also wearing some maternity clothes. I have gained about 12 pounds so I have about 12-15 more to gain before 25 weeks. I think I am on track for what the doctor wants.

School started this past week so I’m sure the remainder of time will fly by! I have to remind myself to try to squeeze in some snacks during the day and sit down whenever possible. The last thing I want is to overdo it and be told I have to go on bed rest! I’m hoping to work up to Christmas Break, which is Dec. 20th. I think it’s possible. I guess we will see.

We have set up the cribs in the room and need to set up the changing table. I have a few boxes of diapers on hand but I’m sure I will need lots more!!! I am thinking about going to Savers to try to find some baby items, such as a swing, bouncer, highchair, etc.  I found old bumpers there for $3 each so I bought those and Vicki is going to recover them to use in the cribs. I will be picking out fabric soon and then Vicki will be helping, or possibly just making, the baby bedding. I am so swamped with everything I don’t know how much help I’ll actually be!


Seal Beach!

We had a lot of fun on our vacation to Seal Beach! We spent a couple of days on the beach, one of those in which Dusty was stung by a stingray!!! His foot is still a little swollen but they say it can take a month for it to fully heal. It was quite windy and a little chilly but the kids had a blast boogie boarding and playing in the sand!

We went to Knott’s Berry Farm while in California. At first the girls didn’t want anything to do with the rides but once they started they were a little more excited and did quite a few of them! Audrey wouldn’t attempt a big coaster but maybe she will next time. Leah only liked the little rides and only the ones that didn’t go too high! We went to the show Snoopy on Ice. It was a cute show and the skaters were pretty good. It was a long day but we all had fun.

Hollywood and Griffith Park were our last day adventures! The drive to Griffith Park was eventful, to say the least. Once we were there we were able to go up to the Observatory. The exhibits were interesting and we were able to see the Hollywood sign. After our visit to the Observatory it was already a little later in the afternoon so we decided to go explore Hollywood Blvd. I would say it was not the highlight of our trip! It felt like the Las Vegas strip. It was dirty, they were working on the roads/sidewalks, there were homeless people digging through trash cans, there were people dressed up in costume, and there were those annoying people passing out flyers!  At least the flyers were about tours instead of what Vegas flyers are about! And we didn’t really find any stars that Audrey was interested in so that was a bummer! I felt like it was a waste of time! That night we had a delicious dinner though and the girls were able to get one last swim in at the pool!

Overall it was  great vacation! Nice and relaxing! Check out facebook for some photos!

Second Trimester: 13 Weeks!

The last couple weeks have been quite busy! Between finishing up in the classroom, going on vacation, and everything else I did not have a chance to add an update!

We went to the specialist on Monday and were able to see really great ultrasounds of the babies! They are both doing very well and seem to be growing at the same pace. The smaller of the two is still only two days behind, which I think has something to do with the fact that he is being squished by his brother on top! It was really cool to see them moving around. The one on the top is very active! It seems like they have grown so much since the last time we saw them! The ultrasound tech said she is pretty sure that they are identical boys! I think it is kind of early to know for sure but she seemed pretty certain and there were a couple times when I even thought the same thing.

After the ultrasound we met with Dr. Elliot. He specializes in multiple births and is well known for his successful deliveries. He went over the risks and explained a lot about twin pregnancies. It makes me a little anxious to hear the risks but I would rather be aware of them. The risks are there but I am trying to stay positive and know that everything will be fine. He also put me on a daily regimen of baby aspirin and tums (for the calcium).  I will be seeing the Dr a lot over the rest of the pregnancy just to follow the babies closely and make sure they are doing well. My next appointment is with Dr. Rolle in Cottonwood.

I am feeling pretty good and I am hoping that I start to feel even better now that I am through the first trimester. I think the last couple of weeks have been the worst so far! Not sure if this is due to being overly tired or just doing too much. I am grateful though that I never really got sick, only a little nauseous in the evenings when I am tired. Still no big cravings, in fact most of the time nothing sounds really good.  Dr. Elliot told me I need to gain most of the 35 pounds he wants me to gain by about 26 weeks! I have only gained about 5-6 so far so I will need to gain about 15-20 pounds in the next 13 weeks so about a pound a week, maybe a pound and a half.

We are all excited about the idea of having identical boys! We put the girls back together in one room and set up the cribs in the other room. I know it is early but I am too excited to wait! We have also bought a couple little things for the boys. We are trying not to go overboard just in case the ultrasound tech was not right!

Photo: The poor guy on the bottom is getting squished by his brother! Identical boys!