28 Weeks


28 Weeks!

At 28 weeks things are still looking good! We had an appointment in Phoenix on Friday, Nov. 1st. The doctor said if he were to write up a script he couldn’t write a better one than us! The boys are growing at a great rate, the fluid around the babies is equal, and there is no sign of twin-twin transfusion. At this point the percentage of twin-twin transfusion happening is only 3-4%… and he said this is very unlikely.

The boys are now 2 lb 9 oz and 2 lb 12 oz! They almost gained a pound each since my last appointment. I will not have another appointment until Nov. 18th and it will be in Cottonwood. I am sure they will both be in the 3 lb range at that point. We have to hang in there for at least another 8 weeks, preferably 10 weeks, so that the boys can be delivered in Cottonwood, healthy and ready to go home. :)

They are moving around like crazy now…but of course when I am trying to sleep at night is when they are the most active! I am at the point of rolling out of bed and the bathroom trips can be a little out of hand! But, other than that and being exhausted 99% of the time, things are good and I am both excited and anxious for them to arrive. I still am having a hard time imagining life with two new babies at the same time! I am sure things will be crazy for awhile but it will all be worth it! :)

The boys room is looking great! Thank you Vicki for all of your hard work and time creating all the wonderful pieces of bedding, including changing table covers and sheets! The Lil Monster Buddies are adorable! :) The pics below show you some of the new things that have been completed. I am waiting to wash and put clothes, etc. away until it gets a little closer. I figure towards the beginning of December we will do all of these things. We did wash the car seats however and have them ready to go. :)



image  image Changing Table

imageimage  image image Lil Monster Buddies and Pillows

imageimage A view of each crib and the wall art

2 Responses to 28 Weeks

  • sara says:

    Lookin’ good Laura! I can’t wait to see you again! Can’t wait to meet those little boys!!! <3 xo

  • Vicki says:

    The room looks so cute Laura, glad you are happy with everything. You have made their room so special and I am sure the boys will enjoy it all!