34/35 Weeks

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Audrey was the photographer. (On my phone…which makes it blurry!)


34/35 Weeks


Everything is going very well still. The boys are growing and are now 4 lb 11 oz and 5 lb 1 oz. By the end it is estimated they will be close to 6 1/2 lbs each. They are still moving around and heart rates sound good.

Obviously I am tired, sore, and up every couple of hours in the night. All in preparation for when these two join our family! My feet and legs are starting to swell a little by the end of the day but the doctor said its normal for this stage. This is my last week of teaching so I will be able to rest more and get more prepared for the arrival.

We are scheduled for a cesarean on January 6th. This means only three more weeks! Even though I would rather not have a cesarean it sounds like it is the best and safest option. I have to start going to the doctor every week at this point. I go to my Cttwd doctor Friday and then will have to travel to Phx one more time the week after Christmas. At that point it will be one more week and then we will meet the twins!




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