Second Trimester: 13 Weeks!

The last couple weeks have been quite busy! Between finishing up in the classroom, going on vacation, and everything else I did not have a chance to add an update!

We went to the specialist on Monday and were able to see really great ultrasounds of the babies! They are both doing very well and seem to be growing at the same pace. The smaller of the two is still only two days behind, which I think has something to do with the fact that he is being squished by his brother on top! It was really cool to see them moving around. The one on the top is very active! It seems like they have grown so much since the last time we saw them! The ultrasound tech said she is pretty sure that they are identical boys! I think it is kind of early to know for sure but she seemed pretty certain and there were a couple times when I even thought the same thing.

After the ultrasound we met with Dr. Elliot. He specializes in multiple births and is well known for his successful deliveries. He went over the risks and explained a lot about twin pregnancies. It makes me a little anxious to hear the risks but I would rather be aware of them. The risks are there but I am trying to stay positive and know that everything will be fine. He also put me on a daily regimen of baby aspirin and tums (for the calcium).  I will be seeing the Dr a lot over the rest of the pregnancy just to follow the babies closely and make sure they are doing well. My next appointment is with Dr. Rolle in Cottonwood.

I am feeling pretty good and I am hoping that I start to feel even better now that I am through the first trimester. I think the last couple of weeks have been the worst so far! Not sure if this is due to being overly tired or just doing too much. I am grateful though that I never really got sick, only a little nauseous in the evenings when I am tired. Still no big cravings, in fact most of the time nothing sounds really good.  Dr. Elliot told me I need to gain most of the 35 pounds he wants me to gain by about 26 weeks! I have only gained about 5-6 so far so I will need to gain about 15-20 pounds in the next 13 weeks so about a pound a week, maybe a pound and a half.

We are all excited about the idea of having identical boys! We put the girls back together in one room and set up the cribs in the other room. I know it is early but I am too excited to wait! We have also bought a couple little things for the boys. We are trying not to go overboard just in case the ultrasound tech was not right!

Photo: The poor guy on the bottom is getting squished by his brother! Identical boys!