Seal Beach!

We had a lot of fun on our vacation to Seal Beach! We spent a couple of days on the beach, one of those in which Dusty was stung by a stingray!!! His foot is still a little swollen but they say it can take a month for it to fully heal. It was quite windy and a little chilly but the kids had a blast boogie boarding and playing in the sand!

We went to Knott’s Berry Farm while in California. At first the girls didn’t want anything to do with the rides but once they started they were a little more excited and did quite a few of them! Audrey wouldn’t attempt a big coaster but maybe she will next time. Leah only liked the little rides and only the ones that didn’t go too high! We went to the show Snoopy on Ice. It was a cute show and the skaters were pretty good. It was a long day but we all had fun.

Hollywood and Griffith Park were our last day adventures! The drive to Griffith Park was eventful, to say the least. Once we were there we were able to go up to the Observatory. The exhibits were interesting and we were able to see the Hollywood sign. After our visit to the Observatory it was already a little later in the afternoon so we decided to go explore Hollywood Blvd. I would say it was not the highlight of our trip! It felt like the Las Vegas strip. It was dirty, they were working on the roads/sidewalks, there were homeless people digging through trash cans, there were people dressed up in costume, and there were those annoying people passing out flyers!  At least the flyers were about tours instead of what Vegas flyers are about! And we didn’t really find any stars that Audrey was interested in so that was a bummer! I felt like it was a waste of time! That night we had a delicious dinner though and the girls were able to get one last swim in at the pool!

Overall it was  great vacation! Nice and relaxing! Check out facebook for some photos!