16 weeks



Almost half way there! The time has gone by surprisingly fast. The boys will be here before we know it!

I went to my doctor in Cottonwood on Monday, August 5th. We were able to confirm that they are indeed boys. Both are doing very well and seem to be growing at the same rate. There is only about a .08% difference in size between them. I was told on Monday that I would only see my Cottonwood doctor one more time and then would need to start going to Phoenix. However, I received a call from the doctor in Phx and they won’t do a transfer of care so I will continue to see my doctor but will go down periodically for ultrasounds in Phx. I am actually glad that I will not have to drive down there every two weeks! My next appointment in Cottonwood is on Aug. 19th and my next appointment in Phoenix is on Sept. 4th. More information to come…

I have been feeling pretty good. I am actually about 16 and a half weeks now. The picture above was taken around 15 and a half weeks. I am feeling very tired still and can’t overdo it. I tried cleaning the house and then afterwards could barely move! So…my doctor said no more of that! I am having to get used to not being able to do everything that I want to do. I am not someone who generally sits around so it is difficult but I’m sure I will adjust. I am already having to get up during the night to go to the bathroom and my growing belly is definitely starting to get in the way. I am able to fit into some of my pre-maternity clothes still but am also wearing some maternity clothes. I have gained about 12 pounds so I have about 12-15 more to gain before 25 weeks. I think I am on track for what the doctor wants.

School started this past week so I’m sure the remainder of time will fly by! I have to remind myself to try to squeeze in some snacks during the day and sit down whenever possible. The last thing I want is to overdo it and be told I have to go on bed rest! I’m hoping to work up to Christmas Break, which is Dec. 20th. I think it’s possible. I guess we will see.

We have set up the cribs in the room and need to set up the changing table. I have a few boxes of diapers on hand but I’m sure I will need lots more!!! I am thinking about going to Savers to try to find some baby items, such as a swing, bouncer, highchair, etc.  I found old bumpers there for $3 each so I bought those and Vicki is going to recover them to use in the cribs. I will be picking out fabric soon and then Vicki will be helping, or possibly just making, the baby bedding. I am so swamped with everything I don’t know how much help I’ll actually be!