18 Weeks

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18 Weeks! For me…that’s halfway there! I went to the doctor in Cottonwood today and everything is looking good. The boys are growing and everything is right on track. My placenta is low but the doctor said it should move up as I get a little further along. All the blood work came back looking really good too. The boys were so cute! They were laying face to face this time…no squishing involved! I will be going to Phoenix on Sept. 4th for another ultrasound. After that my doctor and I will decide where to go next since the current doctor in Phoenix can’t take patients now. It has been quite a run around and am looking forward to some definite answers as to where I will be seen for the remainder of my pregnancy as well as for the delivery.

As for me…I am still soooo exhausted! I don’t remember being this tired in the second trimester with the other two pregnancies but I am older and it is twins so I guess it’s normal. I am making it through the day at school though and try to go to bed earlier than normal just to make sure I am getting enough sleep. I started to feel some little movements this week and am sure they are the boys. There were a couple that were really strong that Dusty was able to feel too. I am excited for the girls to get to feel them but it doesn’t seem to be quite strong enough for them to notice. I really don’t notice it throughout the day either, it’s usually when I am resting and quiet towards the evening. My belly is definitely growing…I think its past the look of just extra gained weight to pregnant belly. :) It is getting harder to bend down already! I told Audrey she might have the job of doing my toenails for me! I don’t know who is going to shave my legs?!? LOL

We went to the fabric store this weekend and picked the fabric to make the bedding, etc. with. I am excited to see it started and to get the room ready. I know it’s extremely early but it is too fun to wait! I have been slacking on diaper purchasing…I need to get back to doing that! I am going to plan a trip to Savers down in the Phoenix area at some point too to look for some of the baby  items we will need. I am also contemplating the feeding situation! I can’t imagine nursing two with my past experiences with the girls but I think I will play it by ear and not let it get the best of me. Whatever happens to work out the best is what we will do!

Anyway, things are good and moving along!

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  • brooklyn says:

    Yea!!! Keep up the good work..just make dusty shave your of water and rest as much as possible