20 Weeks


20 weeks!

We went to the specialist in Phoenix on Wednesday, Sept. 4th and had a very detailed ultrasound. The boys were facing each other, as if sitting on a couch, and were kicking each other almost the entire time! The ultrasound tech definitely had her work cut out for her…it took her awhile to get some of the measurements. But, the babies are both growing at consistent rates and everything is looking good. One of the boys is 11 oz. and the other is 12 oz, which they said was average for a singleton, and we have twins! So…I will continue to do what I am doing and I’m sure they will just continue to grow and grow. There is no sign of twin transfusion and we are halfway through the biggest risk period. Once we hit 24 weeks the risk goes down. They think that we probably won’t see any at this point but they never know so I will continue to receive ultrasounds every two weeks, as well as a cervix check every two weeks as well.

We are starting to get the room ready and Vicki has been working on the bedding, etc. for the room. Once it is completed I will take some pictures and post for everyone to see. I’m excited to see it all put together!!!

I have been tired and a little sore; and it’s a little  hard to move around already! But other than that I am feeling good…no nausea and the headaches aren’t as bad as they were at the beginning of the pregnancy. I can feel the babies moving around, but they aren’t quite big enough or strong enough for the girls to feel them yet. Overall I would have to say that things are going very well. :)