About Us

I am a full-time elementary school teacher. I have recently changed districts and have made it back down to teaching 1st grade! I am excited for this coming school year. I love being a mom! I try my best to make sure they are getting everything they need and enjoy spending time with them, especially in the summer!  I also enjoy scrapbooking, playing tennis, swimming, making crafts, baking, spending time with the family, etc. I stay pretty busy and it is sometimes a challenge to try to squeeze everything in!

Dusty currently works as a full-time mechanic. He is very talented and has a plethora of skills. If there is something that needs to be done, fixed, made, etc. he has the ability to figure it out. He is also a wonderful dad and husband. He helps out around the house and has fun with the girls. I don’t think that I could manage everything without such a supportive and loving person by my side.

Audrey is our oldest daughter. She turned ten in January and seems to have grown up so fast! She is beautiful, smart, and talented in many ways. She strives to do her best in school. She is currently enjoying tennis lessons and will plan to try out for the upcoming Missoula Theatre. She is teaching herself how to play the piano and is planning on joining the school band this next year. She is a wonderful daughter and terrific big sister. She has so much love to share!

Leah has been our baby for the past 6 years! She, too, is beautiful, smart, and talented. She has such a wonderful sense of humor! She just graduated Kindergarten and has already shown how smart she is! She also enjoys playing the piano and will try out for the Missoula Theatre. Even though she is too young for the current tennis lessons, she is practicing with me and wants to play! She looks up to her big sister and is excited to become a big sister herself! She has an abundance of love for her family and is a wonderful daughter!

We could not have been blessed with more wonderful children! We are very proud of our girls and are excited about the new additions coming soon!