Going on Vacation

We are looking forward to our vacation coming up! We are going to go to Seal Beach, CA. We are hoping to visit Knott’s Berry Farm and perhaps Griffith Park where we will be able to see the Hollywood Sign. And of course, lots of time relaxing on the beach! I will try to take pics and post them when we get back. So excited!!!

10 weeks

image image image


10 Weeks 5 Days today!

We went to the doctor today and everything looks good. :) I was confused on the time frame so we are actually one week further along then I originally thought. I asked the doctor whether they were identical or fraternal and he said they won’t really know until perhaps further on when we determine the gender. He also said the specialist in Phoenix may have an idea but it all depends on when the egg split…

Both babies are growing at about the same rate…one is just slightly smaller than the other (about two days growth difference).The heartbeats looked good too! The babies are actually starting to look like babies…you could see the little arm and leg buds. They were moving around like crazy in there! One was constantly moving and you could see the other waving its little arm.

The girls were able to go in and watch the ultrasound today. I think that they were pretty excited about seeing it firsthand and not just with pictures. :) We are all looking forward to many more views of the babies and are anxious to find out what they are!

As for me, I have been feeling pretty good still. There have been a couple of days that I think I overdid it and it made me feel pretty bad towards evening but a good sleep and I’m back on track! No weird cravings really. I am not able to drink/eat anything too sweet or it turns my stomach. I am enjoying spicy food and bread! I still eat crackers throughout the day and occasionally eat my goldfish and mints. :) I have only gained about 4-5 pounds so far and am definitely starting to feel like I am showing. It seems like my belly expands during the day and at night its the biggest! The picture above makes me look pretty big! I can’t imagine how big it will get by the end!

8 Weeks


Eight weeks along… everything is pretty much the same as last week. No big changes to report. :)

I have had a couple days this week where I have felt nauseous but resting usually makes me feel better. I can tell that I am getting a small baby bump but nothing anyone else can really notice at this point.  I am still tired but the girls have been great and are just as happy with staying home and hanging out than trying to run around and do stuff. Next week we will be busy will Missoula Theatre and getting into my new classroom to get things organized and set up so I am just soaking in the time when I can be lazy! :)



7 weeks

Today I went back to the doctor for another sonogram. We were trying to determine if the babies were sharing a sac or if they each had their own. It turns out that they are sharing a single gestational sac. This puts the pregnancy at a higher risk and will probably mean that we will be seeing our little ones sooner than the typical 40 weeks! We will be good to go to 35 weeks! Both of the babies are the same size at this point and their heartbeats are 175 and 180, which the doc said was great!

I am still feeling pretty good. I am still feeling exhausted by the afternoons but I have not been walking my regular schedule this past week . It is amazing how much more tired you are when you don’t exercise! I definitely have missed my nightly walks this past week! I am glad that I will be able to get back to my regular schedule this week! I really am enjoying goldfish and mints for some reason. I actually think the mints probably settle my stomach after eating which is good. :)

Based on the appt. this week the 40 week due date is Jan. 22, 2014. We will probably see the babies in December or earlier January though. I go back to the doctor again in two weeks to take another look and see how the babies are growing. After that my doctor will be sending me down to a specialist in Phoenix to get a second opinion and make sure everything looks good. Knowing that we are at a higher risk due to the single sac I am a little nervous but I know that everything will be okay and in the end we will have two beautiful babies to enjoy!!!


6 weeks

image    6 Weeks

Last week we found out that we were only about six weeks pregnant! I thought we were closer to eight weeks. My uterus was the size of about 7 1/2 to 8 weeks along but it was due to the fact that we would be expecting TWINS!!! We were able to spot two heartbeats in this very early ultrasound. It is very early on so I will go back in a couple days to recheck. I am both excited and a little bit nervous. :)

I am feeling pretty good right now. I am definitely feeling a little tired, especially in the afternoons. I have figured out that if I eat too much I feel miserable afterwards so hopefully this will help me stay on track with weight gain, etc. So far I have only gained about 1 pound. I am planning to continue to exercise and eat right.

When we told the girls they were really excited! They are both hoping that it is a girl and a boy! We won’t actually find out until about week 19. The doctor did say that we would try to peek at 14 weeks. :)

Dusty is also excited. He predicted that it would be twins from the start and it seems that he was right! He thinks it will be a boy and a girl.

I am not sure what to expect… I am just hoping for two healthy babies!

First time Blogger

Hello! So…this is my first time attempting a blog. I’m not really sure what I am doing but I am hoping that you will be able to follow our family through this page. I want to use this page to update family and friends on things we are doing, as well as accomplishments the girls have made and new information about the new pregnancy. For those of you who aren’t able to see us often this will give you the opportunity to feel like you are right here with us. :) Feel free to check the blog as often as you wish!